Tourné le 19 août 2016 • Brunkeberg Tunnel Stockholm
I already knew Frida Öhrn from her other band Cookies n Beans. After the release of her new single "What Are You Waiting For" I really loved her electro pop style and wanted to do a session with her.
Frida very interested found a really nice place, a pedestrian tunnel / bike path in the center of Stockholm. The acoustic is really good and the place very original.

For the occasion, she brought all her musicians for a folk version of her song "Echoes", a song
a close friend who was involved in a brutal sexual assault.
A really strong and emotional song in this really powerful live performance. A beautiful moment and one of my favorite sessions.


Après10 ans en tant que chanteuse dans les groupes Oh Laura et Cookies n Beans, Frida Öhrn lance en 2016 son projet solo sous son le Öhrn.

Frida offre un paysage électronique qui entoure sa voix et ses mélodies poignantes, avec un son où Massive Attack et Bjork rencontrent la synthpop des années 80, et l'électro-pop suédois moderne dans un mélange instantané. Euphorique, admoniant et poignant.