Tourné le 11 juin 2011 • Observatorielunden, Stockholm
I also discovered Prins Eugen at Landet during the Boom Boom And Doom Earth Hour event.
I didn't film them, but I was happily surprised when I saw Ludvig And Markus play together, and sing in swedish!
They only played 2 songs that night, but he sounded really good. So I took their contact and emailed them when I was coming back in June.

This time the full band was there. I met them at Rådmansgatan and we went to a park at Observatorielunden.
Again, you don't need to sing in english to sound good. I think it's a really great band with very good melodic songs. 

Prins Eugen

Ludvig, Markus, Joakim, Patrick et Nicholas ont créé le groupe Prins Eugen depuis 2009.

Après quelques passages en radio et plusieurs concerts à Stockolm, ils sortent leur premier EP en suédois  "Röda Ögon" en 2011.

"Röda Ögon" parle de déambuler avec les yeux rouges pour différentes raisons, vieillir mais ne pas grandir, s'envoler dans ses rêves mais rester.