Tourné le 5 juin 2011 • Winterviken, Stockholm
Lesli is a long time friend now. I met him the first time I came to Stockholm, to make videos obviously...
He's also been part of my documentary Sounds of Stockholm, that I made last summer.

For this trip I didn't plan to do a session with him, but he needed pictures for his website.
We went to this restaurant place called Winterviken ; they have an amazing room with brick walls ; perfect for a photo shoot, or a session...

It didn't take me much time to take out my video equiment and for this take, Lesli is playing a new composition only instrumental.
This guy is a great guitar player, and is now using looping pedal sytem live...even better!

Lesli is also great when he sings! filmed in august 2010 for my documentary.



Auteur compositeur, Lesli affiche sa voix magnifique et son écriture sur ses compositions acoustiques.
Des morceaux accompagnés de guitare, violons, un style très épuré proche de Damien Rice et Jeff Buckley.

Son 1e album "Summer, Winter & Blood" sort en 2005, et en 2008 "Sleepwalkers Lament".