Tourné le 8 juin 2011 • Vinterviken, Stockholm
I love this band! it was my best discovery from my previous trip in March. I discovered Le Fever at Landet, during the "Boom Boom and Doom Earth Hour" event.
When they started to play and sing all together, it was just perfect. We could sense the closeness between them, and harmony of their music.

Back in June, we all met at Örnsberg and walked toward Vinterviken. I immediatly recognised the place when we arrived, and it was fun to see it now.
I did an interview of Feather and Down in march and the place was completly iced!

We spoted ourselves at the end of a dock, where the band played a new song: "(Lonely) Summer Dream"

I want more! so we go up the cliff near the marina where the band sits down looking and playing at the sunset.

"This Is The Last Time" is my favorite song! everytime I listen to it, I get crazy. the ryhtm, vocals, and everything...well I don't really know, but I love this song.
This band is to look out!!! They're such a nice group of friends with this complicity that you can sense when you see them play together.
They're amazing, and really worth beeing more known. Check out their EP!


Le Fever

Le Fever, ce sont les sentiments de six garçons et une fille réunis autour de la musique de Tom Lagerman.
Ils ont sorti un premier EP "
Beginners Luck" en 2010.