JENNIE ABRAHAMSON - Documentaire "Sounds of Stockholm"

Tourné le 26 août 2010 • Södermalm, Stockholm
It’s Thursday morning, and I’m filming Jennie Abrahamson. Difficult to find a place with a Jennie kindly invites me to her place, a nice little appartment in Söderlmam. Yes Södermalm again...Everyboy is here, this is the place to be!

I’ve known Jennie for a year, when she toured with Ane Brun, and played with her in Paris.
I really love her music and voice, this catchy style that I can’t describe...

We started with the song “What Is True” and “Look Down Your Road” both from her latest album.
Then after a nice homemade sandwich we both left for other adventures...

Jennie Abrahamson

Originaire du nord de la Suède, Jennie Abrahamson nous offre une pop mélancolique, au style 80's, rythmé et minimaliste.

En 2007 elle monte son propre label et a sorti depuis 4 albums, dont le dernier "Gemini Gemini " paru au printemps 2015.

Jennie à beaucoup tourné et collaboré avec d'autres artistes comme Ane Brun et plus recemment avec Peter Gabriel.