Tourné le 04 Juin 2011 • Telefonplan, Stockholm
I discovered Frida's music randomly... I was checking Landet's calendar to see if any good bands were playing while I were in Stockholm ; and I saw Frida's picture. I went listen to her music, and thought "Yes, I like that!" perfect timing then.
I contacted her and we set up a session after her soundcheck. She did a great show too with her full band that night.

Frida Selander

Frida Selander est une artiste qui a grandi à Holmsund et vit à Umeå.

Accompagnée de sa guitare, son style rock est influencée par Patti Smith, Neil Young et Nina Simone.
Elle sort ses albums sous son propre label Amasonora.

Son dernier album "I Hear Sunshine" est sortie en 2015.