Tourné le 3 septembre 2015 • Gig Studio, Stockholm
Last summer during an outdoor show in Stockholm, I discovered Adna. When she first arrived on stage, the young singer seemed quite shy, but once she started to sing, her powerfull voice and also delicate, really impressed me. A strong presence onstage, intense and touching at the same time. Her style is delicate alone at the guitar with soft and melancholic melodies. An excellent artist that you must keep an eye on!

Later I could get in contact with her. We had the chance to set up in the great Gig Studio located in Sofo, and to record this beautiful session. Everything is perfect, her voice, music, the place. One of my favorite sessions.

We were supposed to film only 2 songs, but it was so good that I wanted a third one. Adna chose to do a cover of the song Ålen from the band Amason, and once again, amazing moment.



Adna est une jeune artiste suédoise avec une voix envoûtante et un grand talent qui a grandi à Göteborg et vit à Berlin.

Elle a commencé à étudier la musique très jeune, et dit avoir toujours trouvé de la solitude dans la musique et a continué à l'étudier à temps plein.

Après avoir posté quelques clips sur YouTube à l'âge de 16 ans, Adna a été découvert par le label Despotz records et un an plus tard, elle signe avec eux et sort son premier EP en 2012 lançant sa carrière.

En 2014 sort l'album "Night", en 2015 "Run, Lucifer".
Son 3e album "Closure" sort en mars 2017.