Tourné le 24 août 2016 • Solna station, Stockholm
I've known Adam since I filmed him with his band Sout Out Louds in Paris.
I saw him again this summer at a concert he did presenting his new songs solo. I therefore took the opportunity to propose to him to do a session.

We met again in August and I've been wanting for a while to film in one of the famous metro stations of Stockholm, known to be a giant underground art gallery. More than 90 of the 110 stations are decorated with works by about 150 artists.
I chose the Solna station really impressive by its bright red color and cave lookalike, and with Adam in the middle the result is really nice.


Adam Olenius

Adam Olenius est le chanteur et auteur-compositeur du groupe Shout Out Louds qui a sorti son premier album "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff" en 2003 et depuis trois autres albums et ont fait des tournées dans le monde entier.

Juin 2016 Adam fait ses débuts en solo et sort son premier EP : "Looking Forward To The New Me".