Veronica Maggio Mosebacketerrassen

Tourné le 23 Août 2017 • Mosebacke
Article : Antoine Morin

Fans of Veronica Maggio in Stockholm were quite lucky last summer, since the artist settled for five days at Mosebacketerrassen, in Södermalm. The great Swedish pop icon from Uppsala could therefore play her whole repertoire, made up of five full-length studio albums for which she is dedicating a night to each of them. One of the biggest events of the singer-songwriter’s career could gladly be covered in exclusivity by ILoveSweden, who filmed every concert to build an official music documentary.

The week started on Wednesday, August 23rd, and since the albums were presented chronologically, it is the album "Vatten Och Bröd" that was first up on the list. Released in 2006, this work was the first of Maggio’s collection for which she has not written any lyrics, and therefore the least personal one. Being songs generally less known by the fans, Veronica was still pleasantly surprised by the energy brought up by those who came to the show. She was quite ecstatic to start off the series of concert on the right foot.

The next day, it was time for the album "Och vinnaren är…" released in 2008 and written in collaboration with another Swedish pop artist, Oskar Linnros. With several hits such as "Stopp" and "Måndagsbarn", the show could recall the years during which the singer started her ascension in the music scene. With a few guests on her side, Veronica Maggio had a lot of fun revisiting her first successes with an audience that was once again very generous.

Friday, 3rs night and the series started to get serious with the album "Satan i Gatan", major breakthrough of the songstress’s career published in 2011. Produced and co-written by Christian Walz, this album was at the tops of the Swedish charts during three weeks and brought Veronica in a tour that allowed her to become one of the most anticipated pop stars in the country. The show went really well, with a much more energetic atmosphere, notably due to the highly rhythmic songs of the album.

The penultimate event was featuring the album "Handen i Fickan Fast Jag Bryr Mig", released in 2013 and the personal favorite of Veronica Maggio. It is the first record for which she has worked with several different producers, and it could reach the first place of the Swedish charts and the second in Norway. The major hits "Sergels Torg" and "Hela Huset" could therefore echo through Stockholm, to the delight of the fans gathered for the occasion.

Finally, the grand finale was happening on Sunday, August 27th, to conclude with the newcomer, "Den Första Är Alltid Gratis", available to the public since 2016. Written in a sort of confusion in the life of the artist, the often dark album could still benefit from a similar success to the previous work. The night unfolded under an emotive climate, since it was the end of an exciting sprint. The atmosphere was to its apogee and it was a perfect scenario for Veronica to thank everyone who could make her week possible : her crew, musicians, and of course her fans.

TEASER of the full week :

Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio est une chanteuse pop qui a commencé sa carrière en 2006 avec son premier album, "Vatten & Bröd" (Eau et pain), en collaboration avec Stefan Gräslund.
En 2008, elle sort «Och innaren är" (Et le gagnant est), en 2011: «Satan I Gatan» (Satan dans la rue).
Elle a remporté de nombreux prix de musique, et En 2007 elle a reçu le prix de la révélation de l'année à la Grammisgalan.

En Octobre 2013 sort son 4ème album et a atteint le Top 10 des vente d'albums.
Sur cet album, elle a collaboré avec d'autres artistes suédois tels que Salem Al Fakir et Håkan Hellström avec qui elle chante en duo dans la chanson "Hela huset" (Toute la maison).

Le 6 mai 2016 sort son 5e album "
Den första är alltid gratis" (Le premier est toujours gratuit) écrit et produit avec Salem Al Fakir, Magnus Lidehäll, Klas Gullbrand, Niki and the Dove, Colleague.