Good Harvest, Le Pop up du Label

Tourné le 27 juin 2018 • Le Pop Up du Label, Paris
Met last summer in Sweden, Good Harvest was my favorite discovery. A perfect harmony between Hanna and Ylva and exceptional guitar skills.
I had to make them play in Paris and for the French people to know their music!
By inviting another equally talented artist
Meadows, I was able to organize this concert at Le Pop up du Label.

Although unknown here, the audience was
delighted by their performance, warm and very attentive to their music.
A magical and perfect evening!

I hope that they will come back soon and that they will do more concerts in France.
Another big thanks to the audience for coming and to Le Pop up du Label for making this possible.
Here's the video of the show :

Come Closer : 00:00:14
Pilgrim : 00:01:05
Sail And Brow : 00:06:47
Linger Long Enough : 00:12:54
Charly : 00:16:01
Woodstock : 00:19:31
Aftonbön : 00:24:25
Hitchhiker's Luck : 00:26:18
Far Beyond : 00:30:16
Never Could You Ever : 00:35:10
Into The Dying Light : 00:39:25

Good Harvest, Le Pop up du Label

Come Closer
Sail And Brow
Linger Long Enough
Hitchhiker's Luck
Far Beyond
Never Could You Ever
Into The Dying Light
14 Rue Abel
75012 Paris