Hortlax Cobra

The very discreet but nevertheless talented John Eriksson, drummer of Peter Bjorn and John, has also his solo project under the name of Hortlax Cobra.
He explores electronic and acoustic musical styles, creating a hypnotic
soundscape combining contemporary classical music, lo-fi disco, and minimalist synth-pop.

His album "1984" released in 2012, is an appropriation of Van Halen's album of the same title, after that he released his first album "Nightshift".
He later collaborated with several Swedish artists (Ane Brun, Beatrice Eli...)
More recently Hortlax Cobra has released 2 new singles "As Far As My Eyes Could See" with Noonie Bao and "Unfinished Melody" with Jennie Abrahamson to discover here:

"As Far As My Eyes Could See" ft. Noonie Bao

"Unfinished Melody" ft. Jennie Abrahamson

Hortlax Cobra

John Eriksson batteur du groupe Peter Bjorn & John explore des sons électroniques sous le nom Hortlax Cobra nommé en référence à la ville suédoise où il a grandi.

Sa musique s'influence du disco et de la synth-pop au cinéma d'action des années 80, plaçant des voix douces parmi des couches de synthé et des percussions complexes.