Tourné le 30 août 2018 • Stureplan, Stockholm
Vivii is a trio that I discovered from their label Dumontdumont. Mesmerizing and atmospheric Dream-pop music.
Caroline and Emil are a couple in real life, and they were celebrating that day their 20 years together! Nice opportunity to do this session.

I met the band in Stureplan in an apartment lent by the bar "The Wall" where they played the same evening.
A sober and
uncluttered set up in this big room. Driffted by Anders' floating guitar melodies, Vivii performed the track "Savant" from their eponymous EP.  A romantic and magical moment.

And in bonus, here's a new single the band just released :


Basé dans la ville de Stockholm, le groupe ViVii est un trio composé du couple Emil Jonsson et Caroline Jonsson et accompagné d’Anders Eckeborn.

Présentant un style Dream-pop et rêveur, ils sont signés sur le label Dumont Dumont et ont sorti leur premier EP intitulé Savant en 2018, et leur premier album eponyme en mars 2019.