Tourné le 1 août 2018 • Arboretum Norr, Umeå
In my research of bands to film in Umeå, I discovered Väärt. I really liked their indie pop, folk style and in swedish!
So, I contacted them to make this session.

The band made me discover a beautiful place, in full Swedish nature : Arboretum Norr.
This place is a huge botanical garden, which includes nearly 2,700 species of trees.

Located along the river Umeälven, we settled among the rocks, and by the stream of water flowing at our feet.
A very refreshing moment for the locals, as it was the heat wave in this month of August!
The band performed a first song, "Dansa i Glöden" from their album "Det Kommer Ett Skalv" released in 2014.

We moved a little further to find another place and found a small beach.
This time the band played a title from their 2010 album "Sommarfågel": "Vakkra".

It was really a beautiful afternoon, and an excellent place perfect for a session, one of my favorite this summer.


Väärt, c’est un trio musical avant tout composé de Pär Poromaa Isling, Johan Airijoki et Jens Andersson, mais auquel plusieurs membres s’ajoutent sur leurs enregistrements.

Ayant déjà sorti trois albums studio depuis leurs débuts en 2009, le groupe est toujours en activité et compte sortir de nouvelles compositions en 2019.