THOSE DANCING DAYS - Documentaire "Sounds of Stockholm"

Tourné le 21 août 2010 • Mariatorget, Stockholm
I already knew the band, and filmed them when they played in Paris in 2009.
When I saw they were doing a show in Stockholm, I booked my flight especially to start my journey from there.
Just arrived in Stockholm and taking the time to drop my luggages, here I am on my way for my 1st filming at Mariatorget.

I’m meeting 2 bands this afternoon, Those Dancing Days and Little Marbles who are playing at Grolsch Block Party.
The girls have finished their soundchek and we go nearby where their studio is located.
While setting up in the nice backyard, a heavy rainfall is pourring on us ! We waited few minutes and decided to stay under a bicycle shed.
The band played 2 songs, a soft version of “Home Sweet Home” and a new one “When We Fade Away”.

Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days sont 5 amies de lycée. Elles ont commencé à jouer ensemble dans des centres de jeunesse pour leurs amis et familles dans la banlieue de Nacka.

Elles jouent de la musique pop et ont sorti un premier album "In Our Suits Space Hero" en 2008 et un deuxième album "Daydreams & Nightmares" en 2011.