Tourné le 11 septembre 2019 • Aspenäs Herrgård, Göteborg
This is one one my best and favorite session from last summer. A truly talented artist with an amazing voice, Saga Back is a great discovery from last summer.

The first time I listened to her single “Heaven’s Not Ready”, a magnificent track, this unique and captivating deep voice
No doubt this artist will go far and gain in popularity.

I had the chance to meet her in Göteborg and we were able to film this beautiful session in a really nice place, an old mansion with a grand piano. Saga has beautifully performed her song “Heaven’s Not Ready” as well as “There You Go ... Again” on the guitar.

Saga also recently collaborated with 2 French artists. She had a writing session with Mark 
Daumail from the French band Cocoon in Bordeaux, where they wrote two songs together and then a few sessions with Alexandre de La Baume in Paris. Very promising news to come, and I hope an open door on the French music scene!

Saga Back

Originaire de Göteborg, Saga Back est une jeune auteure-compositrice-interprète qui a déjà sorti trois singles depuis 2018 : "There You Go… Again", "Cry" et "Heaven’s Not Ready", le plus récent, signée sur le label "Something Beautiful Recordings".

D’une voix unique, ses compositions sont avant tout de la pop, parfois très inspiré du R&B et de la soul, ainsi que des artistes Regina Spektor et Adele.

Promise à une excellente montée en popularité, elle sort en avril 2021 son premier album : "All Is Not Well In Heaven".