PETER MORÉN - Documentaire "Sounds of Stockholm"

Tourné le 23 août 2010 • Södermalm, Stockholm
The perfect timing! if you watch the last song of Tobias Fröberg, you’ll understand...
After filming Tobias, it’s now Peter’s turn to play few songs. Peter and Tobias are very good friends, Tobias produced his 2 albums.

We first go to Vitabergsparken for the song “I Spåren Av Tåren”, which is the title of his new swedish album, and few blocks away Peter plays the song “Esther”.

Peter Morén

Peter est le chanteur du groupe Peter Bjorn and John.

Il a sorti 2 albums en tant qu'artiste solo, un en anglais: "The Last Tycon" et 2 en suédois "I Spåren Av Tåren" et "Pyramiden".

Il joue aussi avec un autre groupe suédois, Tutankamon.