PANTER - Documentaire "Sounds of Stockholm"

PANTER - Documentaire "Sounds of Stockholm"

Tourné le 24 août 2010 • Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Another good suggestion from my friend Chiara, who told me to film this band.
I first contacted Magnus, the guitar player and after asking the others members, the band was ok for the project !

Mikael who is the lead singer, works in a kindergarden in Gamla Stan. We met there around 7.30pm to film on the rooftop ! very nice view of the city under the sunset.
After 3 takes, we finally made it for “Sad Sad Song”, probably my favorite filming of this project.
One last song before we all leave, “Newlyweds Arrived” in the beautiful streets of the old town.


Panter est un groupe formé par Mikael Ström, Magnus Eklund, Joakim Eklund et Mikael Isberg.

Ils joue de la musique pop autour de Stockholm depuis 2 ans et demi.

Leur premier EP "Tulipes & Six Flags EP" sort en septembre 2010. Suivi de "Newlyweds Arrived" en 2011.
En 2013 sort "Deers in Headlights".