Tourné le 29 juillet 2017 • Örebro
I had been suggested to listen to Meadows' music, and from the first notes of guitar and his tone of voice, I immediately loved it!
This is exactly the kind of artist I like, acoustic and
minimalist folk, perfect for a session.

Meadows is Christoffer, and lives in Örebro. So I took the train to go there just one afternoon, the time to film 2 songs in the city center.
We start with a first song near the famous castle, the title "The Only Boy Awake" from his EP and which is my favorite song. A magic finger picking melody accompanied by his unique voice.

For the second song we look for another place, and think of a church. Christoffer knows one not very far, and we
we were able to set up there. The place is perfect and the sound of the room is well
to highlight his music.

This trip to Örebro was short but really memorable. I really enjoyed meeting Cristoffer and to have the chance to listen to his music. An authentic and truly talented artist that everyone must know!


Meadows, alias Christoffer Wadensten est un est artiste indie folk originaire de Örebro.

Ces dernières années, il s’est fait connaitre par de nombreuses tournées en Scandinavie, Europe, Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis.

En automne 2016 Meadows sort son premier EP "The Only Boy Awake" sur le label allemand What We Call Records.

En avril 2017, la chanson titre de l'EP a été présentée dans la série "13 Reasons Why" de Netflix offrant à Meadows beaucoup d'attention.

En 2020 il sort son deuxième album : "The Emergency Album".