Tourné le 14 septembre 2023 • Högdalen, Stockholm
I discovered the duo Kvarteret last summer at the Gott Snack! festival, and I really liked their rhythmic pop music and songs in Swedish. So I took the opportunity to offer them to do a session, and we met again in September.

Alice suggested meeting at a skatepark in Högdalen, and I thought it was a really great idea!
For the occasion the duo was joined by Johan Borgh on guitar, and all three took place in the middle of the skate track. They performed the song "Överdos (Bedöva mig)" from their EP "Då, Finns Inte Längre" released in 2022. Such a fun session!


Kvarteret est un duo pop suédois, composé d'Alice Genberg et Philip Spångberg.

Leur musique se compose de mélodies nostalgiques et de paroles qui évoquent à la fois le bonheur et le chagrin.
Depuis leurs débuts en 2022, ils ont sorti un EP intitulé "Då, Finns Inte Längre" où l'électronique rencontre l'organique de manière mélancolique.