Tourné le 31 juillet 2018 • Luleå
This is my second time in northern of Sweden, but my first time in Luleå.
I had recently discovered the music of Johan Airijoki
, who lives in Gällivare even further north in Lapland.
By chance he was in Luleå during this short journey, the opportunity to do a session with him.

We improvise to find a place to film and discover a museum of old trains : Norrbottens Järnvägsmuseum.
Sitting on the bench of a false station platform, Johan's bluesy notes are perfect for the scenography of the place.
An authentic style and an intense voice that I liked very much. He plays a first song "Meter Och Ton" from his second album.


Second place for a second song, nature here is very present and we choose to settle in the middle of a pine forest.
In a beautiful scenery Johan surrounded by tall trees plays the title "Kirkko" which appears on his latest album.


Johan Airijoki

Johan Airijoki est un auteur-compositeur-interprète, originaire de Gällivare, en Laponie.

Sa musique tendant vers l’Americana a des influences country et blues ;  il a été comparé à Bob Dylan.
Il est aussi membre du groupe Väärt.
Son 1e EP sort en 2014 suivi de deux albums jusqu’à son plus récent, En blyg viol, sorti en 2018.