Tourné le 12 septembre 2015 • Bagarmossen, Stockholm
Frida is one of the first artists I filmed for this blog. We met in 2011 and did a session in Telefonplan.

During my trip in Stockholm last summer, the day before my return to France, I film my last session with her, and we met in Bergamossen.
We found a very nice place, a small japanese garden, and to finish we enter the forest where Frida played a last song in the middle of the pine trees. Beautiful!

Frida Selander

Frida Selander est une artiste qui a grandi à Holmsund et vit à Umeå.

Accompagnée de sa guitare, son style rock est influencée par Patti Smith, Neil Young et Nina Simone.
Elle sort ses albums sous son propre label Amasonora.

Son dernier album "I Hear Sunshine" est sortie en 2015.