Tourné le 6 septembre 2020 • Södermalm, Stockholm
Esther is a new artist that I discovered a year ago, during an evening organized by the group Deportees. She had played a few songs there and I was impressed by the fact that she plays the vibraphone, an unusual instrument, but which gives her a really original style.

It was really the good opportunity to meet her last September, and I have to film this superb session in her small rehearsal studio. It is on a sublime all golden vibraphone that she performed 2 tracks from her EP : "Better off Sleeping with a Parachute".

After several very promising singles last year as well as at the beginning of this year, Esther Lennstrand, or more simply known as Esther, presents us her first EP titled Better off Sleeping with a Parachute. The singer-songwriter first identified through her collaboration with Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow, Amason) is now part of the INGRID family having joined the Skolhaus collective. Her EP offers us six songs that define her style as electronic, experimental and somewhat minimalist. The tracks, "Second Heart" and "Follow Me Home", are both part of this EP. The other four tracks are as impressive as each other, reaffirming the surprising musical talent of Esther who will certainly have many more years of songwriting to give us. This is the start of something great!


Esther est une auteure-compositrice-interprète de talent du collectif Skolhaus, qui est lui-même en proche collaboration avec le label INGRID.

Jouant un style pop aux sonorités surtout électroniques, elle expérimente agilement avec les sons afin de créer une atmosphère innovante.

Ayant lancé son premier single en 2019, 2020 annonce l’arrivée de son premier EP.