Tourné le 29 août 2021 • Solna, Stockholm
Originally from Umeå the band was playing this summer at the Fools Golds festival. How lucky to have them all together because Alva the singer lives in Stockholm. We were able to meet on Sunday for a really excellent session on the heights of Solna. The band played their latest single “Pang å Bom” from their newly released albumBaby”.

This second album is a collection of 11 equally vibrant tracks featuring the singles "Ford Festiva", "Solbränd i Barcelona", "Konstig", "Pang å Bom", "Jag är min egen värsta favorit" and "Fear and Loathing in Pite Älvdal", all chronologically released from 2020 till today for this electrifying new album. All lyrics are in Swedish and the sharing of the foreground between the voices of the different members creates a superb blend of power and emotion. Duschpalatset will be a band to watch closely following this launch, and their eventual concert tour promises to be sensational!


Duschpalatset est un groupe originaire d’Umeå composé de Viktor Sandström, Alva Nylander, Carolina Sandström, et Nike Starbrink.

Brandissant leur étiquette de jeans rock, la bande d’artistes composent des morceaux énergiques et joyeux, sans toutefois négliger leurs paroles, souvent relatant l’isolement, l’ennui et la maladie mentale, des sujets tous finement abordés.

Ils ont sortis leur 1e album “Vinnarmusik” en 2019 et “Baby” en Novembre 2021.