Tourné le 4 septembre 2023 • Eric Ericsonhallen, Stockholm
Big favorite of summer 2022, I finally had the chance to do a session with the excellent band Boys And Ivy! I really loved their first album "Touch and Go" and their new one "Sideburner" released last September is just as good. (review to read at the end of the page)

For this session Kevin was able to have access to Eric Ericsonhallen, an old church and truly magnificent location perfect for this intimate performance by the duo.
Kevin and Tilda took place in the center and performed "Daisy" from the new album as well as an amazing and delicate version of "Louder&Louder", a truly magical moment!

"Sideburner" is the 2nd studio album from the very promising duo Boys and Ivy, a short opus of barely 27 minutes, but which is overflowing with energy and inspiration. With airy independent rock pop music very popular this recent years, the eight tracks offered by the group are a logical evolution of their first album,  "Touch and Go", released about a year earlier, in 2022.
Always dominated by the voice of Tilda Gunnarsson and very effective compositions made with her sidekick Kevin Hamring, Boys and Ivy's sound is quite distinct from several other projects of a similar style, particularly with its nostalgic feeling incorporating retro synthesizers. Even their cover has an 80s-inspired style. This feeling is even more accentuated with their cover of the song "Say It Right" by Nelly Furtado, very popular in the mid-2000s.

This album is therefore a quick and colorful journey through the band's universe, which leaves us with the desire to hear more and especially to attend one of their concerts. The duo will definitely be ones to watch in the coming years, especially with their desire to achieve success outside of Sweden, which is hardly impossible!

Review: Antoine Morin

Boys And Ivy

Boys and Ivy est un duo pop-rock indépendant composé de Tilda Gunnarsson et Kevin Hamring.
Ils partagent l’écriture et la composition de leurs chansons, alors que d’autres musiciens les rejoignent sur scène.

Lançant leur premier album "Touch and Go" en 2022, plusieurs singles sont ensuite sortis pour culminer vers un second album, "Sideburner" en 2023.