Tourné le 3 août 2014 • Slottsstaden, Malmö
This is the kind of moments that I love. It's all about meeting new people.
During my trip to Malmö last August I was filming a session with another artist soon to be online, Adam Evald. After the shooting and a nice diner with his band, I walked home with his guitar player Cristoffer who happened to live in the same street I was staying.

He kindly invited me at his place, to give me his album. Then joined by his girlfriend, they offered me some tea, and we started chatting about music and guitar, showing some chords I knews...
Then I wanted to hear some of his music. While watching him play by the light of thunder and hearing his amazing voice, I was thinking to myself, too bad I'm not filming this!

So right after he finished, I suggested to do so. The storm outside was calming down, but the room was filled by his powerful voice. An amazing night.

Astromike Gordon

Astromike Gordon est le projet du chanteur et auteur-compositeur Cristoffer Csanady créé en 2012.

Sa musique se caractérise par un style pop crooner aux sonorités de David Bowie, Talking Heads, Frank Sinatra et Jeff Buckley.

Il sort son premier album en 2014 et depuis ils a fait des concerts à Berlin, Saint-Pétersbourg, Moscou et Malmö.