Tourné le 9 septembre 2022 • Bagarmossen, Stockholm
Among Lynx is a Root Rock group with Blues, Soul and Folk influences that I discovered this summer.
The group has recently been playing in duo format and I had the chance to meet Eva-mi and Elin Öberg in Bagarmossen where the duo set up a small cozy scenography in the middle of the forest!

A truly original and excellent idea for an explosive performance! the power of Eva-mi's voice with her bluesy guitar playing and Elin's harmonica solos, made this session my favorite of this trip, and the desire to listen to more!
In any case, this group has a really great style and deserves all the attention!

Among Lynx

Among Lynx est un quintet entièrement féminin composé de Eva-mi Ringqvist, Elin Öberg, Moa Brandt, Amanda Savbrant ainsi qu’Elin Tannerdal.

Le groupe joue un style de musique rock et blues, inspiré par la musique américaine des années 70.

Aux paroles engagées, les cinq amies sont reconnues pour leur énergie sur scène et leur instrumentation déjantée.