Peter Bjorn and John, La Maroquinerie

Tourné le 9 juin 2016 • La Maroquinerie, Paris
Peter Bjorn & John released on June 10th their 6th album "Breakin Point". The night before, the audience of La Maroquinerie was able to listen some of their new songs. It's been 7 years that the band played at the same venue, and it was great to see them here again.

Joined onstage by 2 other musicians on keyboard and acoustic guitar, the band did an amazing show with a great energy from Peter, who played few times in the middle of the audience!
Here are 2 extract of the show :

Peter Bjorn And John, La Maroquinerie

May Seem Macabre
Breakin' Point
What You Talkin' About
A Long Goodbye
It Don't Move Me
Paris 2004
Nostalgic Intellect
Dig A Little Deeper
Object Of My Affection
It's Your Call
Young Folks
Second Chance
I know You Don't Love Me
23 Rue Boyer
75020 Paris