Mando Diao, LKA Longhorn Stuttgart

Tourné le 8 décembre 2023 • LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart
Last December I traveled to Stuttgart in Germany to film Mando Diao concert. My sister living not far away, it was the perfect opportunity to go there for the weekend, and I knew that the German audiance was worth the trip. I really wasn't disappointed!
I had already filmed the band few times in Paris and it was really nice to see them again. Great welcome from their whole team, and from the venue, I was able to film without any problem with 5 cameras. Mando Diao is very popular in Germany and this was their only Sold Out concert of their tour!

Crazy atmosphere, audience singing along and the band putting on a real rock show! I had never experienced any concert like that, it was truly a unique moment. The performance of the band on stage and their complicity with each other and with the audiance, the performance of different songs from their various albums, it was a truly memorable concert!

The band played for over two hours and really gave their all! this concert will for sure remain my best concert ever!
Here are 4 songs that I was able to share, and that will show you the atmosphere of the show: "Frustration", "Fire In The Hall", "All The Things" and "Dance With Somebody".

Mando Diao, LKA Longhorn Stuttgart

One Last Fire
Fire In The Hall
Stop The Train
Primal Call
Long Long Way
All The Thing
Money Doesn’t Make You Man
Long Before Rock N Roll
The Band
Rabadam Ching
Down The Past
Get Down
Scream For You
One Two Three
Black Saturday
Wake Up
Get In On
Dance With Somebody
Love Last Forever
LKA Longhorn
Heiligenwiesen 6
70327 Stuttgart, Allemagne