Side Effects - Let Me Breathe

Article : Antoine Morin

Side Effects is an experimented rock band hailing from Stockholm and made up of Billy Cervin, Elias Jungqvist, Hugo Mårtensson and Joacim Nilsson. They are a well-known name on the Swedish independent music scene for now ten years, their most recent EP : Feels Like Walking On Sunshine was released in 2017.
Today, it is their newest single, Let Me Breathe, that retains our attention. Released precisely to commemorate the ten years old birthday of the band, this song presents an explosive combination of alternative rock and indie pop. A must-listen!

Side Effects

Side Effects est un groupe originaire de Stockholm formé en 2009 par Billy Cervin (guitare, chant), Hugo Mårtensson (batterie, chant), Elias Jungqvist (orgue) et Joacim Nilsson (basse)

Leur musique se décrit comme populaire psychédélique inspirée à la fois de la scène musicale des années 60 et de la musique contemporaine. Leurs principales influences incluent Tame Impala, Dungen et The Soundtrack of Our Lives.