Tourné le 25 Mars 2011 • Midsommarkransen, Stockholm
I was back in Stockholm in the end of march, to film Säkert!'s concert at Debaser.
While I was there for 3 days, I planned on filming new artists, to start this new project website you are discovering now.

The first session schedule few hours after landing, was with Carolina Wallin Pérez.
I discovered her music by my friend Bertrand who lives/work in Stockholm ; I immediately loved her music, especially because she sings in swedish!
She sings covers of the Swedish band Kent, in a more Jazzy style. I never listened to Kent's music until now
First I'm meeting my friend Benoit who is helping me recording the sound ; we go meet Carolina and her guitar player Filip, at Midsommarkransen where she lives.

It's spring. In France the weather was nice and a bit warm ; when I arrived in the city, it was freezing, and quite windy !
Winter was still around...but we still managed to play one song outside, "Ingenting" ("Nothing").

Time to go back inside ; after chatting around a cup of tea, I asked for my favorite song "Om Du Var Här" ("If you were here").
I really like this song, especially here, the powerfull notes of the piano ; I allways have it in my head.

It was really nice to meet Carolina ; I really like her voice and in swedish it sounds even better.
She's currently preparing a new album with her own songs (still in swedish), so keep you ears open!

Carolina Wallin Pérez

Originaire de Melerud, Carolina Wallin Pérez chante du jazz depuis l'âge de 16 ans.

Plusieurs années plus tôt, elle découvre le groupe de rock suédois Kent et au début de l'année 2008, avec le producteur Fredrik Bergström Okazaki, elle reprend certaines de leurs chansons d'une façon plus jazz dans un premier album Pärlor och Svin sorti en 2009.

En mai 2012, elle sort son deuxième album, plus pop "Dar vi en gång var"avec des chansons originales.
Carolina joue et tourne aussi avec d'autres artistes suédois comme Say Lou Lou, Lorentz, Alina Devecerski, Mariette…