Support I Love Sweden

Tourné le 18 avril 2024
Hey everyone! it's been 13 years that I've been filming acoustic sessions in Sweden, financing everything by myself, and made hundreds of videos for free.
Now it’s been hard to finance this by myself over the years and I need some help to be able to continue this project.

That's why I have opened a fundraising campaign to help support I Love Sweden.
Please, folow this link and you'll have all the infos about it.

All help is very welcome and please share this as much as you can!

Thanks for you support

Valerie Toumayan

Valerie Toumayan est graphiste en Motion Design, freelance vivant à Paris.

Réalisations d'animations sur After Effects pour divers projets dans les domaines de la publicité, évènementiel, tourisme, médias.